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A little reading about the bae justinbieber

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Curls are forever.

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Sir Bizzle: Custom logos designed by me.

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Bought me some swag and took a picture of it with my fancy ass camera. #word

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Album artwork I made for justinbieber ft. Migos: Looking For You

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I’m Asia and I have a face.

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I don’t know what to do if you left me, so please don’t go away, everything that you are is who I am, who I am today…

Happy Mother’s Day to all those mamas out there! Throwback to “Turn To You” justinbieber
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I wanted you guys to hear a live version of me, not in the studio, intimately, just having fun singing :)

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How to look high: A pictorial by Justin Bieber

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Asia Gousse-Titanium (Official Cover)

New music video up!!! Check it out :)

Listen to my cover of Titanium you guys :) let me know what you think!

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Smile and SingSneak peek from my photo shoot with aspiring photographer, Sequoia Canada

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Anonymous said:

when i met you at the la believe movie thing you were so nice to me. honestly thank u for being such a kind hearted person 😍😍

Wow..thank you so much for this. I truly appreciate it. It’s messages like this that make me proud and inspired to continue planning events. Thank you. :)

5 months ago

f4me said:

can i have your url, ill promote you to 63k followers

no thank you

5 months ago