Anonymous said:

when i met you at the la believe movie thing you were so nice to me. honestly thank u for being such a kind hearted person 😍😍

Wow..thank you so much for this. I truly appreciate it. It’s messages like this that make me proud and inspired to continue planning events. Thank you. :)

2 weeks ago

f4me said:

can i have your url, ill promote you to 63k followers

no thank you

2 weeks ago

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Me, Justin, and my friend Sam at the Believe Premiere.

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Sam and I look very serious.

2 months ago

ok dont mind me: you’re walking in the hallway at school, you’re having a really bad day, you’re going up the stairs to get to your next class, you look up, and you see this. 

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#then you fall but thats besides the point.

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